REST to Be Your Best

Rest is necessary to be our best, but it seems like everything conspires against it – regular and cell phones, email, Facebook, Snapchat, and who knows what else! I’m not even familiar with some of those. Boundaries between work and home are dissolving, too; setting them used to be more manageable. It’s all too easy now for work to impinge on family time; many employees even say they take their phones and ipads with them on vacation to do work. Vacation is supposed to provide a refreshing respite! And, in my opinion, smart bosses should leave vacationing employees alone.

Our minister gave a sermon on “iRest” yesterday. He helped me clarify what it means to “honor the Sabbath and keep it holy.”  I doubt I’m the only one who grew up with “rules” on what was and wasn’t acceptable on Sunday. (Please don’t misunderstand; this isn’t about any religion, necessarily, but about the need we all have to refresh ourselves.) As kids, we were not allowed to go to the movies. Playing cards on Saturday night was fine, but never on a Sunday!

Our minister reassured us (or me, for sure) that the day of rest is for REST. He encouraged us to do those things which give us pleasure and joy. I’ve been reluctant to do gardening on Sunday, for instance, thinking that was “work.” For me, however, it is wonderful to see fresh flowers planted outside my bedroom window. My husband enjoys washing his car and puttsing around the yard. Permission granted for those activities.

The average user, I just read, spends fifty-two minutes per day on Facebook. It’s also true that the more time you spend on Facebook and other media, the likelier you are to get depressed and become less happy – quite the opposite of nourishing your soul!

For one day every week, then, ignore your to-do list, stay off Facebook and emails until Monday, allowing your body and soul to REST so you can be your best.

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